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Say Goodbye to Public Soap Dispensers - Say Hello to Washawaze

Stay clean and safe on the go by carrying your own eco-friendly, fully dissolvable hand soap in your bag, backpack or purse!

Simplifies Your Daily Routine

Save time in the morning and space in your bathroom by using just one product to wash hands, face, and body, shampoo and condition hair, and shave.

Dissolves Completely into a Rich, Moisturizing Lather

Add water and Washawaze dissolves completely into lather in your hands. No waste, no mess.

Perforated Sheets Let You Use Only What You Need

Take 1 square to wash hands or face, or to shave, 2 to 4 squares to wash hair, or one whole sheet for a full-body shower.

Eliminates Clutter and Mess

All-in-one Washawaze replaces many other products in your bathroom. Say goodbye to soggy bars, slippery bottles, and rusty cans!


It is a fantastic product. My hair is soft full of volume and lots of shine. My skin is improving using Washawaze.

Ellen (Facebook)

Great for travel! I usually I keep it in my bag to wash up at the gym after working out lunch or after work time because I don't like the soap they provide in the dispensers.

Captain (Amazon)

Super soft, and perfect for travel! – full product review!

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Wash Hands

Wash Face

Wash Body

Wash Hair

Shave Face

Shave Legs